we are a unisex lifestyle brand for the chic. Chic meaning very minimalist and don't need much to look or feel good. Our brand is for the people who can make an inexpensive piece, look like very rich.

everything that is featured in the collections are unique items. some collections will have custom made everyday pieces, home goods and some will feature our Deluxe pieces which will be a higher quality and more trendier items.


Bachelors in Fashion marketing and management

C.E.O of Adorn by Darrius Le  

Darrius Lè

"my mom has told me so many stories throughout my life about being adorn as a baby, til even now as an adult. many stories i've heard repeatedly was how charisma i am. (always attracting attention wherever you go).

i use to not believe her, until i started.. to believe her. maybe i am different, maybe i am unique. once i realized my worth, that was the only motivation i needed to become who i am. i knew i wasn't the only one who feels like this, so i wanted to create a brand that builds self-confidence, allow others to see you're not the average. so they shouldn't threat you like one, but make it fashion."

"hope everyone enjoys, be creative and more importantly be YOU"